Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Refill your Stampin' Write Markers

I love the Stampin' Up! Marker pens.

 Do you know that you can refill them...
How to Store them to get the best from your Markers

They are filled with the same dye based ink as our re-inkers and our ink pads.
And what I love about our makers is they match all the colours perfectly so that you get coordination through out the Stampin' Up! range of cardstock, Designer series Paper, Inks and embellishments.

The best way to buy your makers is in the complete set as you will receive the carry case to hold them and transport them.

How to store your maker:- if you have the case  to hold them in which ensures the markers are stored in a horizontal position which mean the ink is evenly distributed and ink is at both tips ready to use.
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How to store
If your buying your markers one or two at a time they fit well into the Small Die Box
Check out the small Die box HERE
Stored Horizontal
Keeping it organised

So how do I refill a marker
You need your Marker, your matting ink refill and tweezers
If you want to use your maker straight away you can add 1 drop
 of reinker directly to the brush tip and allow to soak in.
Try on a scrap before you use.  

The reink the write tip, gently remove with tweezers

This is what it will look like when out

add 3 to 5 drops into the end of the marker do not over fill then
replace the tip.
If you can leave over night this gives time for the ink to evenly distributed
enjoy using your markers.

enjoy Happy Stamping Teresa

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Wendy Reed said...

Does this work on the fine tip end also??