Monday, August 31, 2009

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Happy Stamping to all have a great night.

One Card Two Ways

Sometimes we look at our cards and we think this is beatuful but it's just not for the right occasion (whatever the occasion is right now?) so I am going to share two cards the same but for different occasions.

Pick a Petal stamp set is one I love to work with you can come up with so many different card
The color are our in colors Pacfic Point Kiwi kiss and on the top card Get well soon and the bottom card is hey there! which you could use for any occasion.
Keep an eye out to see what will be next month

Mojo Monday 101

I found a little time to play today.

Love this Good cheer stamp set out of the spring mini catalogue.
I have used the in color Kiwi Kiss, Tangerine Tango Basic Black and Wisper White card.
Kiwi Kiss 5/8" striped Grosgrain Ribbon.
To apply Color I have used the brayer.

Dont forget to see the shares for September

Monday, August 24, 2009

Incentive trip

Paul and my self at the welcome dinner

Incentive Trip Day 2 Thursday 20th August 2009
Everyone down in the lobby as we are all off to RICKY'S RIVER BAR + RESTAURANT

Myself and Karen Aaron and Paul

Claire, Sue, Pam, Denis.

Jacinta and Danilla

Ngaire all dressed ready to go with hat and apron on

Top Deck Everyone is enjoying a trip down the river

Bottom Deck

As we arrived we were all handed our knife and fork and as you can see they all had our name on a tag and ribbon around lots of different colours mine was the Pacific Point and every one that had the same colour were together to cook with one of the Chef's This was our table

Makeesha and myself

Makeesha was in a wheel chair but this didn't stop her at all her hubby pushed her around the whole trip what a wonderful Guy. This is Kim myself and Pam Shelli and Stirling were making sweets Cream Brulee Tart and some were making Chocolate Truffles Emma and Teresa I think they were making the Harvey Bay Scallops with Prosciutto and celery leafWe made Wild Mushroom and Truffle Gnocchi

Our cooking team

Jennifer Kym myself JB Kim Jacinta

our drinks

And presenting the meal we made Wild Mushroom and truffle gnocchi and it tasted as good as it looks

The Chef's that help us all out for a wonderful day outside cooking.

The Ferry to take us back to Noosa

Everyone getting back on board. Sweets were served on the way back what a great lunch
More food I don't think anyone was really hungry Dave Jennifer and Karen looking at the song list.
The evening was free for us to do as we pleased so we had a lovely stroll along Hasting Street checking out the Restaurants and ending up at the Surf Club with lots of the other Demonstrators Aaron , Karen ,Shelli , Stirling ,Dave for a very entertaining night of Karaoke
Harry singing and what a voice he must of got up 4 or 5 times but was great to listen to.

Whats in the little red box?

Returning back to our rooms was another wonderful surprise from Stampin Up Well sorry but can't show you everything as we are all sworn to secrecy as it contained some lovely new items that will be in the next mini catalogue!! WE got to use the in our Make and Takes

The rest of the day was for us to do as we like and Paul and I walk along the surf Beach.

Paul and I watched the sun go down this was such a peaceful time of night just talking and listening to the water and taking Photos.

Don't you just love the sunsets I do it is the best time of night.

Incentive Trip Day 3

We had a wonderful sleep in. Paul was going on a walk around the parks as I headed down to

meet up with the other Demonstrators for swapping and stamping!

Shelli wanted a group photo as this was the only time we would be together as Demonstrators
So Stirling took a photo of the group then Shelli calls out let me check it please, This was a bit funny as Stirling took about 17 more photos so Shelli would have lots to pick from. Angie Karen and Janiel had the huge task of making sure everyone had a shot taken on their camera.

The Make and Take Table with a bottle of water for each of us and a Forget-Me-Not Keeper for us to put our swaps into.We made some great cards which I will show you later
This was our Make and Take Table Pam Jorgensen, Angela Sargent, Myself Emma
Jacinta Ryan, Marrelle Taylor

American Dave Table Kerry, Jennifer.Kym, Magan and Sharlene

This is me with Shelli. This is a wonderful time talking about stamping with others catching up on all their news and getting to know them a little better and Shelli always there for a chat.

Shellie Table Clair Shelli Yvonne Vanessa Makeesha

After we had swap and you should see all the great new ideas I received THANKS to all the girls they are really lovely and will be on my display table at home (if you are around near my place call in have a cupper take a look and a chat I would love to see you.

To Finnish our morning off we were treated to ice cream and you could pick from the selections below enjoy it I did..

Back in my room was a wonderful gift
Some more cooking goodies to take home.

Incentive Trip Day 4

What a wonderful day so much to see and do into a very Short time.
We departed at 6.30 am and headed to Fraser Island
Dave and his wife Jennifer enjoying being up front.

All of us just sitting back and enjoying our day.

arrived at rainbow beach and crossed over by ferry to Fraser Island

some of the guys got up top to see the dolphins and the great viewarrived for lunch why the bus driver cooked up a BBQ we all went down to the fountain of youth lake what an amazing place you really needed a day or two to see everything.

OK we all just could not believe how crystal clear the water was and before long the

Guys were in swimming around to lose their receding hair line so thay would look younger!! Us girls sat talked and just enjoyed our time outdoors in the sun how cool lunch this is Shelli having her very first BBQ Sausage in bread with both tomatoes and musted sauce on it.BBQ steak or fish with lots of salads beer ,wine , tea, coffee or some soft drink every one enjoying their meal. Time to pack up back on the bus and see some more of this beautiful Island we went for a walk where they made the movie Jurassic Park and the trees were so tall it made you feel very small.Back on the bus and down to the beach it was amazing driving along the beach.
The beach is a 120k long and the sand hill just keep changing colour from white to pinks to earth reds tans brown and so on as you can see in the next photos

Shelli and Stirling just taking it all in .

Our Group Photo for the day The Bus Driver Ian had his hands full with cameras

Fear well Dinner
Now the evening event had been a well kept and guarded secret by Janiel and Angie not even Shelli was told were we are going.

so after a mad rush to get ready, it was time to meet up with all at 4.30 down in the lobby to find out what the evening held for us. The clue had been "a journey back in time and we had to make sure we had something warm to wear for latter as part was outside and may get a bit cold as the night went on.
We all boarded the biggest coach I have ever seen it seats over 60 people
Arriving at Coolaroy when we stoped there all in a line was our wonderful surprise that's right these amazing vintage cars!! They were for our trip back in time dinner destination which was this beautiful old home the Plantation.
Janiel had created an unforgettable night for us all, on arrival we drove up in a convoy along a tea light lit driveway we were greeted with drinks and had time to check out the lovely cars and take lots of photos .

As we walk out the back I was amazed at the set up for our evening dinner. Where each demonstrator was sitting, you Guested it another gorgeous gift a cameo cream shawl so soft, for us to wear as the night got colder.

Shawn checking out these cars

This was the car I was escorted to dinner in. It didn't have much room but was a great ride the chauffeur come around and open the door for me..... how cool !!!
Dave steping out everyone just loved to sit in one of the cars.

Kelly and her family enjoying the night.

Jacinta Danielle and Claire enjoying the night.All the flowers on the tables had apples in them
everything was done so beautful. This is what its all about just having fun and relaxing with friends.
After Dinner we meet up with a astronomer with his massive telescopes to show us the night life in the sky Paul loved this part and talked with the man for along time.

Shelli made a farewell speech our lovely night was coming to an end and before we knew it was time to get back on the coach the driver dimed the headlights as we headed down the amazingly
tea light lit long driveway. it was wonderful and really beautiful to see in the dark (hundreds of tea lights with a white paper bag around each one I don't think I would like to of been the one to light them all)
Arriving back to the Sheraton Noosa Resort and saying our good bye's to all that had to get up early I said to Paul going back to our room I am going to buy anther bag to fit everything in and GUESS WHAT our last surprise was.
This Gorgeous brown bag its even has the Stampin' Up! logo printed in it and on the bench was a final mini red hat box with cookies and milk for our bedtime snack and a wonderful way to end our night.
Our last morning was still trying to fit everything into our bags. We had a sleep in and breaky in our room then down to the Lobby to say lots of good bye'sArrived at Maroochydore Airport to be greeted by Karen and the group for Sydney still waiting for their flights

Catching the sky bus into melbourne then onto the train home arrived home at 7 0 clock
Putting this up on to my blog I look back with great memories and new and old friendships to cherish and scrapbook.

Thank you Stampin Up for another wounderful experience