Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whats coming in 2012 Body works at Daizies

First I would like to thank you for dropping by AND THANK ALL MY LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR THEIR SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and wish you and your family's a merry Christmas and the best new year for 2012

This year has been so busy for me not only have I had so much to do in helping my family with babys wedding sickent and more and helping my Stampin' Up family in workshop, class, fundraiser, and retreats.
Also taking my massage out of my home and open my bodywork at Daizies

Photo my self and Steve founder of SLM Massage bodyworks


Thur, Fri, Sat By Appointment only 3331 Korumburra Road Warragul Vic 3820
PH: 0409533925

SLM Body works Remedial





Ear Candling

As you can see there was lots of studying this year.
I have so enjoyed working with the SLM bodywork's and Steve has taught me this wonderful technique as well as the self treatment program for sciatic and back pain sufferers which is already helping lots of my clients.

As I had been a big pain sufferer myself, so I set out to look for something that would help me that was ten years ago and at this time I found out that I had lung cancer and had right part of lung out but still had lots of pain in legs and back and was very much on a merry go round with my emotion's as my sister also had Brest cancer at the same time and on the 21st of may 2002 she past away.

After I got well with lots of work on myself I went and had a Reiki and keep that up for a long time and working with Reiki and chakra-energy healing then did my Reiki certificate and have a lot of people come to me to have this wonderful energy help them. Also work on my mind and thoughts with the tapping and also powerful Affirmations to help through a very hard time in my life, and working with people is such a big part of my life.

I ve to help people with their mind body and souls and Stampin' Up is also a very big part of this as I love to teach the art of stamping and this is good for your mind and soul to make a special card to give to a love one or a friend and something they can keep and look back on for years to come.

My Dad past away on the 16th Oct 2011 and he also loved to make card and wright poems for inside the cards and I am so pleased he did because I can look back and read them for a long time to come.
I would love to share this poem our Dad wrote


A Rose is most exotic bloom
it is lovely to behold
it can be grown for pleasure
or commercially to be sold

its fragrance is aromatic
so pleasing to the nose
its colours are fantastic
from whites through to mauve

it starts as a tiny bud
so tight round and bold
and opens to a perfect bloom
as it slowly unfolds

its stem is thick and thorny
its petals so soft in pose
this will be the reason
it has been called a rose.
A. Oliver
So next time you see a Rose think of your Dad and the memories he gave to you because there free for you to keep until you see them again love you Dad xx

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