Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enjoying Classes

Enjoying a shadow box class for the school holiday If mum couldn't be their then the babysitter was. How cool are these shaddow boxes

So the last two weeks be helping Brenda do her blog click into Mainly Stamping and see what Brenda's up to.
Also been doing lots of workshops and classes this is a good time of year to get some free stamps sets.
Been doing a little scrap booking for myself and setting out classes really just having fun I think its great to do what you love and to get up each day to card making or scrap booking and just sharing ideas with others would love so show ypu some photo of some of my classes.


Sue, Warragul said...

I booked my duaghter Nicola into one of the kids classes this January. As I was working, I asked her babysitter to go with her. Getting home from work and hearing the excitement and enthusiasm of both Nicola and her babysitter was fantastic. As was their finished shadow box cards.
The only problem is that school holidays are nearly over and there won't be any classes for the kids for awhile.
Thanks Theresa,
Sue, Warragul

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