Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Handbag Class

The best thing in teaching someone stamping and making cards boxes bags scrapbook layouts is when there finished their project and to see the smile on there faces of accomplishment's I did that. WOW
Any one can have a go and its always nice to take something home with you we have lots of laughs mistakes and fun its just being in your own little space for that moment working on something you love at the end and it all started with a piece of paper and some stamps ink then out comes those two little words I'M HOOKED Time spent with a friend is rewarding and fun
laughter is good for all of us my own little space
Sharing time together mother and daughter
working hard
I'M Hooked

so am I


Sue, Warragul said...

I have recently started attending some of Theresa's classes. I am loving the classes and enjoyed the handbag class.
I am finding it relaxing and lots of fun.
Thanks Theresa for being such a great instructor.
Sue, Warragul

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