Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
Hi when my daughter Louise ask me to make her Birthday Cake I ask  what type of cake do you want what ever you do mum will be great. Ok I do her a bag cake and I love to use Stampin'  Up products when ever I can so I did
First work out the size od the tin to use

Then Trace it and fold in half and cut out to make a template

Roll out icing use template to cut around icing then I trim each side

pick out an embossing folder you like I like the idea of strips
Open embossing folder and use your brayer over it

as you can see how it came out then do other side as in the photo above

So I wanted two hearts so out came the Hearts Collection Frame lits
Press down then use a knife to help lift

I wanted something I could sit candles into so out came the Blossoms
 pressed clay Molds. wow love using this with icing also made for top
of bag  

Its a bit hard to see hearts on side of cake

Front of cake

Filled back with chocolates

Top of cake

As the Cake wasn't to big make lots of cup cakes
Tan on left and Louise

And the cake was for Louise and her friend Tan sharing there day

So what did I use for Lou's cake
Betty Crocker creamy deluxe vanilla frosting ready to spread, Blackwood Marzipan ready to roll 250g x 3
3 white wings 97 fat free vanilla cake mix
and flavoured writing icing chic trio
Liquorice Strap
eggs, water
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enjoy Teresa

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Wendy Reed said...

OMG awesome cake. You are one talented lady. I guess you never have time to sleep.