Monday, August 5, 2013

A Day At Kanab Utah

What an amazing Day!!!
Our day at Kanab -lots of travel to get there and a very early start to the day but getting up at 4am was worth it what a trip highlight.
I have to say seeing out stamps, inks, and card stock, also DSP was a big eye opening
a big thank you to all at Kanab that go into work every day and put all this together for all of us.
I don't think people realize how much is still done by hand to keep all the people from Kanab in work.
The love the workers have for Stampin' Up! you can see it on there faces and so helpful to everyone
all I can say is thank you for going in day after day week after week year after year and some of you have been there 14 years and still love what you do....
I could wright so much but would be here for ever.. so please enjoy photo 

 Yes we got lunch when we first got there...

 This is Chris and he is showed us around

 Yes we also got sweets...
 WOW the warehouse is so big and so clean....

 how to put the ink  on the ink pads

 every ink pad gets glue in one at a time like in the photo below these ladies work hard....

The ink refills...

 Loading up card stock

YES...We have A4 Old Olive card stock



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Anonymous said...

Great photos Teresa. Looks like it was a fantastic trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when we next catch up.

Christine H