Friday, May 25, 2012

Day out

Its very wet and cold and my patner Paul and I when out for a drive to get some fire wood before it gets to cold and I think its nice to share some of the photos I took of our day.
After getting wood we when and had lunch at the Noojee Hotel  and the Kooaburra decided to come and join as.

 Paul was hoping it would come and sit on his arm but I think he just wonted our lunch.
 He is thinking How nice Pauls Lunch looks. Just might have some of that when he's not looking.
 looking at Mt Baw Baw
 noojee Trestle Bridge. They restored the Noojee Trestle Bridge is a legacy from the old railway and as my Paul drives trains today its hard to think that they did here in the 1919 which ran from Noojee to Warragul untill 1954.
 The Noojee Trestle bridge is surround of this beautful forests just south of the Noojee Township
 look at the work in this Bridge
 and Paul walk up to the top  not me I staed down below
 Photo of me down the bottom

 Paul on his way up to the top
 Yes and we got the wood
 I just love the color of this tree and when you stamp your always looking at the colors in every thing around

 and some more photos where we had lunch, as we when for a walk after it was so nice what a great place
 The trees are so tall and you feel so small when walking around looking up
 Paul was telling me about this so we went looking for it 

So many diffrent birds
 hope you enjoyed the photos and the clour
What a great Day.

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JenniferD said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. Glad you didn't forget the wood !