Friday, April 1, 2011

Retreat Lakes March 2011

Stamping down by the sea March 2011 A few weekends ago I run my 1st retreat for 2011 and I must say this was so enjoyable. Ladies from around different areas of East Gippsland joined me with Stamping down by the sea. The Swaps are always a big hit among the ladies some of our ladies swaps for the first time as this was there first retreat below is my swaps. Some of the ladies showing you there swaps
haven't they done a wonderful job on there cards
its always hard the first time but really do enjoy it on the day well done to all the ladies we had a lot of great cards to take home.
Enjoying the Day
with there kits and hard at work
and enjoying the moment with others that love to stamp.

Tea Time With our No 1 Chef ...
and helpers

Next Day on the beach what a great walk

Lets see what we can find

Picking up different things to use in our next projects

Back and ready to go again I have so many photos but I would be here for a week just to put them all on...
The mascot on our walk the ladies were picking up things that they could use on there next project and they all had a little piece of a crab so as you see he was served up and put out on display.

Making our name tags was a lot of fun Finished my name tag and they look great
Back to work with the things we got from our walk using diffrent things to stamp with

Some Cards made with the things from our walk
don't they look great I think all the ladies enjoyed this project
Next morning that first cupper
we would like to thank the Lake Entrace Surf Life Saving Club for the comfortable accommodation and showing us around there Club and a big thank you to our No 1 Chef Trever Dix and his wife Jenny for all there work and to all the ladies for joining me on our first retreat for 2011

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Anonymous said...

Loved the retreat cann't wait for the next one. Love the Photo's. Jenny D.