Sunday, April 4, 2010

Premium Crease Pad - Big Shot tutorial

This applies to ALL OF THE DIES WITH SCORE lines, such as the envelope die, the pillow box and so on.

Premium Crease Pad Step by Step

STEP 1: place BOTH of the opaque plastic shim pieces from the Premium Crease pad package on top of the clear Standard Cutting Pad.

STEP 2: Place the Scallop Envelope Bigz die - foam side up - on top of the white plastic shim pieces (being careful to get it exactly centered over the plastic pieces).
STEP 3: place your cardstock or DSP on the die.. I like to place the part you want as the "outside' of the envleope FACE DOWN (notice in the finished sample, these squares will end up in the inside of the env.)

This becomes your "sandwich". (If you are hungry, I'd suggest keep on stamping ) :)
STEP 5: Roll your "sandwich" through the Big Shot
STEP 6: As you take the "sandwich" out of the Big Shot, and take the Crease Pad off, you'll see the die has cut the envelope shape perfectly and made the 4 crease/score lines

STEP 7: When you flip it over you'll see how nicely those score marks show up!
Step 8 Fold your envelope on the score lines
Hope that was helpful.. Happy stamping Teresa


Anonymous said...

Sandra Rhodes I agree..It was a fun weekend, good company...and lots of fun projects to keep us all busy take care all love Sandra xx

Anonymous said...

Susan Gorst Had an awesome weekend at Metung! Can't wait for Walhalla! Thanks heaps for everything Teresa. Love you.