Sunday, January 17, 2010

13 Days to go count down

SALE ITEMS ARE SELLING OUT! Dont Miss Out email your order today or ring 0409533925

If you have been thinking about purchasing some of the hugely reduced items on the inventory clearance list (or if you didn’t know that this amazing sale was going on), then make sure you check out the list and call me with you order now as 3 of the items have already sold out!!

Jumbo Outline Alphabet stamp set
Just Riding stamp set
Wild West Alphabet Stamp Set

While these 3 items are still available in the die-cut version at full price, but the non-die-cut version (the sale version) has completely gone. Thanks for stopping by. Happy stamping Teresa

Obviously the alphabets have been the big sellers, and at 50% off retail, who can resist them? So if you still want to purchase the Big Deal Alphabet at half the regular price, then make sure you let me know asap so that we can get yours ordered before that sells out as well.

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