Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday to Girls night In

Hi this is me and the girls are coming!!!
I would like to thank all the ladies that attend the girls day In last Sunday as you can see from the photos below how much fun we all had making cards boxes tags.
And what better excuse to organise that long awaited catch up than in support of the 16,000+ Australian women that are diagnosed with Brest or gynaecological cancer each year.
This is something I am passionate about as I am a survivor of lung Cancer and lost my Sister Ronnie to Brest Cancer. I was lucky enough to find my cancer early. Today, despite many advances in detection and treatment for women's cancers over the last five years, we still lost over 4,000 women to either breast or gynaecological cancer each year.
I would like to thank all the girls for your support on the day we raised $500.00 I would like to thank Neralee for opening up her house for us all and also for all her help.
Neralee and Jenny help put this day together to make it such a great sucess.
The freebies that were given to the ladies as they came in.

the cakes and so much food on the day thank you to all that baked for the day and help out it was much appecated.
Some of the ladies having fun with there card making

Debbie big smile as she won one of the door prizes
benches do come in handy when we run out of room around the tables Neralee and Kaye injoying the day.

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