Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March on line class

Small gift card
Step 1 cut two pieces of black card 7.5x 7.5cm

Step 2 Using linen Thread and the pearls from the pretties kit thread on like in photo below
Step 3 Cut white card 14 x 14cm fold in half unfold turn and fold in half unfold turn over
Step 4 and then fold in triangle as in photo below

Step 5 then tack triangle side into the square

Step 6 It will look like the photo below

Step 7 fold your linen thread in half to the top of your card leave a loop at the top then sticky strip the linen thread across the card as in the photo below

This is a better photo Step 8 then stick down the black card to each side It should look like this step 9 Stamp out the Hi stamp from the stamp set say It with Scallops Step 10 Using the Scallop Square punch. Punch outStep 11 Using 6.5 x6.5 square white card and the Scallop Edge punch Step 12 Punch out one side the turn and do the other three side make sure you line it up each time Step 13 Using a pearl from the pretty kit place as I have in photo below snail your frame onto your black card you can do this in lots of different colors and its a great way to use all your Small left over card
Have fun with this card
Happy Stamping

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Anonymous said...

Great instructions Teresa.