Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi I am Home,

What a fantastic Incentive Trip.
I will show you all my Photos at next Training Day.
My first Day we left home at 4am Down to the airport meet up with Karen Wood and the others an we where on the plane off at Sydney where we meet up with a lot more Stampin up People and Aaron And his wife Karen, then came along Shelli Sterling, We all looked very tired but very exiting about this trip everyone doing lots of talking then on the plane to Cairns
I was sitting behind Shelli and this was great we got to talk a lot.

Know in Palms cove the view from balcony 92 was overlooking the pool and beach pool and spar. The inside of the rooms were HUGE!! We could sit out on the balcony and chat to all that walk past.
Our first Gift was a T shirt White with Red Sleeves and on the back was the words Real Red
That was our top for lawn bowls that night.
We had a quick look around and a cupper then on with the tops and down for dinner.
Dinner was the best then off to play bowls. I was team Captain for real red and we played not quite navy. WE had lots of fun and one great night and we won then it was back on the bus and we all talked some sang all the way home what a long day but loved ever bit of it.
Off the bus and Paul and I went back to our room. Guest what this little white box with a Certainly Celery Ribbon around it Open it up to find a lovely white hoodie with palm cove and stampin up 2008 on it and a zip down the front and it is so soft just hat to try it on.
Good night.

Thursday Morning was buffet style, after a very good breakfast bacon eggs fruit ect
WE were back on the bus headed for the train to come back down by sky/rail some think I didn’t think I would do, but it was great I was with a great support team and before I new it I was looking around the most amazing view we got to chat and just enjoy the ride down.
All the girls looked great in there white hoodie.
Paul and I sat with Aaron and Karen and Rachel and Erick from New Zealand the ride was lots fun, we were served yummy fresh orange juice and macadamia nuts I took lots of photo from the train once we were up at Kuranda, we had free time. Every one went there own way Paul and I walk around the Markets did some shopping then meet up with Emma and Shawn at the country pub we sat on the veranda were we had lunch this was one big meal to much for me.
Other arrived bake and we all sat chatted and bending the elbow not hard to do when you don’t have to drive. Time to walk back to catch the cable cart.
We got on with Narrie and Donald What a great couple and a great support also Claire and Kelly.
That Night we had tea out at the Blues Brothers Pub with the piano man pumping out lots of old songs as we sat and eat our meal had a few more drinks after when for a stroll along the beach it was a great night. Then we headed back to our room and yes that’s right there was another gift –a DVD of past workshop WOW’S from U S Regionals. So I couldn’t go to bed just yet as they had it all set up on the DVD just to push play.

Friday Swaps and Make and Take.
We each received a little Pumpkin Pie Bag with 2 inkpads versa mark and a brand new stamp set from the Summer Mini.
Paul went of with some of the men and played golf. After our Stamping and receiving great swaps we all whet out side for a group Photo’s. The rest of the day for our self a group of us went out for lunch then we all went a got ice creams and went shopping walk along the beach
And then back to spin the wheel and waited for Paul and the others to back from golf.
Up stars to our room Just made cupper to sit down and a knock on the door bought a
HUGE box, all done up with ribbon and inside it the softest white robe I’ve ever felt.
What a great end to a wonderful day.
On Saturday Up and Breakfast first then a walk and at 10.00am then off for a 21/2 hrs massage
How good was that the best (that was a WOW in massages)
Then at 12.30 Stacey and Mick arrived, We went and all had lunch (all this wonderful food I will have to go shakes when I get back home) Walked around Paul and Mick back to the Pub Stacey and I went shopping its been a long time just having that one on one with my baby who is know 25 but it dose not matter how old they are there still your baby’s. Then it was back to the room to get ready for our farewell dinner. That right we had a lovely gift sitting on the bench when we walk in it was a Safari bag. After a very winding road trip in the bus with the guys singing on the way we arrived at the Cairns wildlife safari park where we were treated to a fantastic show of fire throwing. Then dinner next to the lions and waked around the park with a guide in the dark with troches this was very different way to see the park. We had farewell from SHELLI and a welcome to phoebe Shelli new granddaughter Shelli had been waiting all day. Back on the bus and bake to our room and we meet up with Stacey and Mick.

Sunday felt like we had Dreamed Big and it was time to say Good buy.
I got to talk with Karen Woods all the way home and the plane trip went fast and we were back in Melbourne. In the car and home.

I’ve met some wonderful people and we talked a lot about stamping and other things and cant wait to meet them all again in Canberra for the Convention.

If you wont to be treated like royalty and have the best time ever you need to be at
Noosa Heads Queensland next year 19-23 Aug 08

Happy Stamping Teresa
Next Training Day Sunday 26th Oct

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