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To All New Downline

Welcome to the stamping on the run team.

 I would like for you to go to the stampin' up! Web site and check out

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Take some time to listen to experts from home office talk about these exciting changes!

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Also I would go to training New Demonstrator corner.

Have fun and if you need to talk just call. Happy Stamping Teresa

Teresa Chat Line

Hi Folks- huge month,lots happening and heaps of energy to burn! Sorry this didn't get sent out last month.

Top Sale for August

1st Jennifer Frost -Emma Brooks- Raelene Cheetham

2nd Chris Laubsch-Kerryn Sands- Narelle Farrugia

3rd Tanya Heaney-Glynece Savage-Janine Martin

Congratulation to all what a fantastic effort.

Top Sale for September

1st Congratulation to Julie Ingwerser for out standing sales

2nd Jennifer Frost, Tanya Heaney, Brenda Fry, Christine Talbot,Leanne Hermans

3rd Pauline Barrington,Emma Brooks,Narelle Farrugia, Tracey Wilson

Woo- Hoo what a super month well done to all. If you have done sale and your name is not up here I just like to say well done no matter how much you have done every one has worked so hard it is wonderful that your all sharing that love of stamping with your friends.

Joining the stamping on the run team for August & September

Congratulation to Tanya Heaney and welcome to Sandra Pearce

Congratulation to Glynece Savage and welcome Joanna Winding

Congratulation to Glynece Savage for promoting to Sr Supervisor

Congratulation to Raelene Cheetham for promoting to Supervisor

Congratulation to Sue Bannister, Julie Ingwersen, Tanya Heaney, Juana Van Leeuwen, Sandra Mundy, Julieanne Roper for promoting to senior Associate- You should receive a certificate in the mail you should all have them.

August Challenge:-Congratulation to Tanya Heaney for winning the bag I brought back from convention and the $100.00 bonus well done Tanya and Big welcome to Sandra Pearce.

September Challenge:- was one new downline and moving up one level in September

Congratulation to Glynece for sharing the love of stamping with Joanna Winding and moving up to Sr Supervisor and a big welcome to Joanna Winding.Glynece please let me know what stamp set you would like up to $30.00

I am going to run a big challenge for October as this is the last one for this year.

Any one that sings up three downline in October and move up one level by sharing the love of stamping will be in the running for a bonus stamping pack and will receive this in November who will it be......

This is open to all Demonstrator in the Stamping on the run team so if you have receive this you are in our team.

I would like to introduce our team and where you come in

Teresa Brown My Downline

Brenda Fry , Christine Talbot, Fiona Mc Donald, Lindie Anderson, Jane Blakeley,Emma Brooks,Glynece Savage, Pauline Barrington, Suzanna Thomson, Debbie Brown,Breeanna Rennie, Sandra Rhodes, Raelene Cheetham,Carly Schubert, Narelle Mollard, Nicole Cadzow, Janine Martin, Margaret Day, Kerryn Sands, Patricia Tuley, Sue Bannister, Julie Ingwersen, Tanya Heaney.
Brenda Fry Downline
Pamela Cetinich, Sharon Reilly, Tracey Wilson, Jennifer Schellekens

Christine Talbot Downline
Leanne Hermans, Cheryl Walsh

Fiona Mc Donald Downline
Patricia Ravenhall

Jane Blakeley Downline
Camille Trevor

Emma Brooks Downline
Liz Reed,

Glynece Savage Downline
Leanne Smith, Nesta Savage, Joanna Winding

Breeanna Rennie Downline
Mandy Brydon

Raelene Cheetham Downline
Amy Tandberg

Tanya Heaney Downline
Sandra Pearce, Michelle Copeland,Susan Wright

2nd line Downline

Pamela Cetinich Downline
Narelle Farrugia, Jennifer Frost,Chris Laubsch, Tracey Phillips

3rd line Downline

Narelle Farrugia Downline
Julieanne Roper

Jennifer Frost Downline
Sandra Mundy

Tracey Phillips Downline
Juana Van Leeuwen

Thanks for joining, Stamping on the run

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